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Career Paths – Military Nursing – Navy

Nursing offers a large number of career paths, the biggest difficulty is choosing the one you want.  After graduation, I started work in a small hospital in a farming town in California.  This hospital provided the experience I needed to know what I wanted and what I found is that I did not want to […]

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Cancer Chemotherapy Nurse

The words Cancer and Chemotherapy have been scare words for a long time.  That need not be true anymore.  I look around my neighborhood and see countless numbers of people, myself included, who are living comfortably with a cancer diagnosis but an arrested disease.  Chemotherapy is still a harsh process that creates problems as it […]

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Nursing Assistant – How To Become Certified

This Popular And Unique Ebook Gets Right To The Point, Revealing All The Cna’s Tasks, And The Steps To Certification. Like A Mentor And Friend–filled With Facts And Test Prep Questions/answers. You Will Learn What It Takes To Be A CNA In Any State.   Click Here!

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