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Dentist: I Got Lucky

Dental health is a must for good general health, but I, like everybody else, put dental work somewhere near a colonoscopy in listing great things to do.  My sister is the only one I know who likes going to the dentist.  My dental work has been somewhat neglected because I needed to find a new […]

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The Most Awesome Thing I Have Ever Seen

Today, we live in a world of instant meals, instant gratification, computers that can do most of our work, quickly, supersonic travel and knowledge of world-wide events as they happen.  We even have mix and match part time families, convenient for parents with busy schedules. All of these things have awesome qualities and of course, […]

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Nurse Story – Polio Experience

I saw a picture of an iron lung on face book and got a memory flash back. When I was twelve, I was admitted to the contagion ward at our local County Hospital, with suspected Polio.  It did not turn out to be polio but it was 1952 and anybody suspect was treated as contageous. […]

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