About nurseebooksngear.com

Welcome to nurseebooksngear.com.  This site is designed to be a resource for nurses of all ages and disciplines, retired nurses and young people aspiring to be nurses.  From this site nurses will have access to e-books, educational or just plain reading for relaxation.  Nurses will be able to purchase uniforms, lab coats, scrubs to look good and feel good at work.  Nurses will have access to medical supplies and equipment for  patient care and food supplements to stay healthy. Finally, patient supplies and equipment for patient support to give the nurse,  patient and/or family a place to go for quality supplies and equipment.

My name is Lorna Griess.  I am retired after almost forty years of working in nursing in a hospital setting. Most of my career was spent in the U.S. Army.  My career path took me from staff nurse in medical units such as Coronary Care and Oncology, through Head Nurse and supervisory positions to finally retire after several years as a Director of Nurses in a Medical Center.  After retirement from the Army, I worked in Home Health in my chosen  civilian community.  Nursing has been a wonderful and rewarding career.