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Patient Care Supplies – Walking Aids. How to look cool while using a cane.

If you must use a cane, pick a cool one.  By cool, I mean good looking with a few great or “aha” features.  I had an older male patient who absolutely refused to use any sort of walking aid.  He did not want to look old or maybe he did not want to seem weak. Who […]

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Patient Care Supplies – Beauty is Skin Deep, Tell That To Someone Who Bruises Easily

A bruise is an injury to underlying tissues or bone in which the skin is not broken, often characterized by ruptured blood vessels and discolorations. The discolorations can go from red or blue/black depending on how deep the bruise is through shades of grey, green and yellow before fading completely. They often hurt because of […]

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E-books – for a professional tune-up or mini-vacation

I call reading a good novel a “mini-vacation.”  If I have had a rough day at work and come home with my mind racing with what I could have done better, wondering if I had left something undone, or worse than that getting yelled at for what I thought was a good deed.  I sit down […]

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