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e-books, Medical Dictionary

 Carry your handy reference e-book with you in your e-reader or tablet as you visit patients.  When your patient says, “My doctor said I have a ….. ,” something you have not heard of since college,  or “My neighbor just came down with ……,” something you have never heard of.   Your e-medical dictionary will be a handy […]

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Nurse Story, Night Nurse – Working the night shift, do you love it or hate it?

 When I was younger, I worked the night shift alot, first as a staff nurse on busy wards then later as a night nursing supervisor.  Every now and then, I was asked  by innocent, concerned people what I did at night and if I was able to get  any sleep.  I would answer truthfully and then add […]

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Home Medical Supplies and Equipment – “Big Box” Drugstore convience in your home.

For busy nurses, nursing students or patients confined to home, the best way to supply all your patient care supplies and equipment needs for OTC (over the counter) items such as Health and Beauty pruducts, splints and other orthopedic support items, medicines, household items, Confectionery, wellness products or simple home medical supplies is to use   You will […]

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